How Much Caffeine is in Earl Grey Tea?

If you fancy a brew, but it’s after midday and you don’t want to be kept awake all night. Or maybe you just don’t like the caffeine jitters.

Well don’t worry, Earl Grey contains relatively low amounts of caffeine.

It depends on your specific brand and how long you steep for, but according to this article, it’ll be somewhere in the range of 40mg to 120mg per 8oz.

That’s about 18mg to 52mg per 100g of tea.

How Much Caffeine is in Earl Grey Tea?

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How Does This Compare To Coffee?

espresso shot
An Espresso Contains Much More Caffeine Than Earl Grey Tea

To put things into perspective, a strong espresso can contain as much as 300mg of caffeine per 100g. That’s about 6 times more than Earl Grey tea!

According to the FDA, 400mg per day is about right. Which is apparently 4 to 5 cups of normal coffee, or 8 to 20 cups of Earl Grey tea.

Check Your Earl Grey Packet

This might sound obvious but check the labeling on your packet of Earl Grey for a more precise idea. (I get it, it’s easier to do a Google search than walk to the kitchen cupboard).